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How Much Does Your Image Count?

This is something you might want to ask Nike, eBay, Starbucks, FedEx, Apple, and Microsoft. Trust me, these guys *get* how much it matters. Worldwide, these are images that are recognized and trusted. These companies almost don’t need to do any advertising other than flash their logo at you and you’ve instantly got them on your mind. Have you ever heard of that “Don’t think about a zebra” trick? Try mentioning any one of these companies without having their logo flash through your mind’s eye. It just doesn’t happen.
I believe that it’s the same for books. Let’s go for that mind’s eye image again…
When I say Stephanie Meyer do you see the covers of her books in your head?
What about…
Sue Grafton?
John Grisham?
Mercedes Lackey?
Nora Roberts?
even Laura Numeroff
(Don’t feel bad if you don’t recognize this name unless you’ve had young kids in the house in the last 15 years 😉  )
When readers stand in the brick and mortar book store looking at books written by authors they don’t know, they pick up the books that LOOK good. It’s the covers that catch their eye and invoke some reaction from them that cause them to pick up a book to investigate further. If they open it and read a little, it’s the writing that will make or break it, but rarely will anyone pick up a book whose cover didn’t say something to them. I believe that holds true for ebooks as well. 100 well known bloggers can link to your book, but if the cover doesn’t look professional, potential readers will assume that the writing isn’t either.


What my clients want to tell you
  • I found Renée by happy accident—a friend I hadn't spoken to in years showed me the new cover for her book. I was getting ready to publish and it couldn't have been more timely. Renée at The Cover Counts has been doing my book covers ever since, and with thirty covers and counting, you can tell I'm a satisfied repeat customer! The best thing about her covers is that she often reads my mind and adds elements that I hadn't considered, but fit the story perfectly. Not only has she designed my covers, she has designed bookmarks, banners and anything else I might require for promotional materials. If you need any of those things, Renée can certainly deliver the best.
    Connie Suttle
  • As a self published author, book cover design is first and foremost in my mind when it comes to publishing my books. And, I must say, the Gods looked upon me favourably the day I found Renée Barratt. After all, book covers are like a shop window enticing the reader to step inside so, it goes without saying that finding such a talented designer as Renée to create my book covers, is like winning the lottery. Brimming with talent, ideas, help and advice, Renée Barratt is one of a kind. Thank you, Renée for all your hard work, marvelous designs, and your ability to endure my indecisiveness at times.
    Jill Paterson
  • I am so *madly* in love with my book covers. Renée, from The Cover Counts is a genius. She was worried about not matching the idea I had, and she's made the briefs I sent better! I can't wait to show them off! Seriously, if you're looking for someone to do your cover….go….now!
    D. Kai Wilson-Viola
  • Readers truly do judge books by their covers, and I'm so glad that Renée designed mine. I've received so many compliments from fans who love the covers of The Burn trilogy. Not only does Renée excel at creating covers that stand out, but she's so easy to work with. I know my book is in good hands.
    Annie Oldham
    Annie Oldham
  • Renée Barratt of The Cover Counts designed my first three book covers. She worked with me to get things just right, adjusting anything I asked, and making minor and major alterations as we defined exactly what look I was going for. She went above and beyond the call of duty, putting hours of work into each cover until it was perfect. She never said "That's impossible" or told me that something couldn't be done or would require additional payment; instead, she found a way to do it. I will be using The Cover Counts for all my future book covers.
    Joe DeRouen
    Joe DeRouen
  • Renée from The Cover Counts has done several book covers for me. I can honestly state that she's a very skilled person who takes the time to listen to what you want. Give her the core of your story, tell her what you think should be in the story at the very least and then just let her go and do her magic. Renée has excellent skills, an eye for detail and composition, and actively thinks along with you to get the best out of your story onto the cover. Remember: you'll never get a second chance for a first impression, and the cover is that first impression.
    Paul Kater
    Paul Kater
  • Whenever I get a new cover from Renee in the mail, it feels like a Christmas present. I've used Renee exclusively for about 20 books now. You may need to schedule her in advance, though, because her calendar fills up fast.
    Scott Rhine
    Scott Rhine